Maximum Damages for Victims of Negligence in Southern California

When you are injured through the wrongful acts of another, you want a lawyer who will not hesitate to litigate your case.

Most personal injury lawyers will not take a case to trial. Ours prepare every case for a jury trial. Insurance companies know that we come prepared to win and will opt to settle before going head-to-head against us before a jury.

Respected by All Parties

Chambers & Noronha of Santa Ana is one of the oldest and most respected personal injury firms in Southern California. We are respected by our peers for our leadership in the profession. We are respected by the courts and by jurors, because we take the legal process seriously and receive great success. Most of all, we are respected by our injured clients, for whom compensation means so much.

Our goal: Obtain maximum damages for serious injuries. The number to call for responsible, assertive representation: 714-558-1400.