California legislators to look at new bicycle laws

Two proposed pieces of legislation could reshape the way bicyclists and motorists in California share the road.  READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay millions to ovarian cancer victims

In two separate cases, juries find Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder is responsible for the victims’ ovarian cancer.  READ MORE

Have you been injured by a distracted driver?

Distracted driving, particularly texting, has gotten much attention in recent years, namely due to high-profile public education campaigns. Those same campaigns have led the federal government and countless public and private sector employers to ban texting behind the wheel as a matter of policy. READ MORE

Expanding ignition interlock program could save lives

California lawmakers have introduced a bill that would make ignition interlocks mandatory for first-time offenders.  READ MORE

The Importance Of Seeking Compensation For Injured Bicyclists

There are several reasons for injured bicyclists to seek rightful compensation. For one, it is simple justice to be compensated for injuries caused by wrongful acts or negligence. READ MORE

Punitive Damages For Injuries Caused By Drunk Drivers

The No. 1 factor in serious highway accidents continues to be alcohol. Despite countless warnings, drivers still start their cars knowing that the chances of causing another person harm are high. READ MORE