The Importance Of Seeking Compensation For Injured Bicyclists

A biker’s greatest fear is a driver opening a car or truck door just as the cyclist is passing. These accidents, called doorings, can have devastating consequences: injuries to the skull and brain, spinal injuries, broken bones, and lacerations. Sometimes the rider is forced into the next lane’s traffic, where worse violence occurs.Most bike accidents involve drivers who are not looking for bicyclists. Bikers can be biking to work or school or just for an outing. Accidents happen during lane changes, in intersections and at crosswalks. Some of the most serious accidents involve young children on bicycles.

There are several reasons for injured bicyclists to seek rightful compensation. For one, it is simple justice to be compensated for injuries caused by wrongful acts or negligence. Another is that bicycling is an important part of the transportation story in Orange County. Bikers cause less pollution and less congestion than any other mode of getting around. They deserve every consideration in traffic, as is their right under California law. But they do not always get the respect they deserve, on the street or in our courts.

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