Trucks vs. Cars — An Unfair Competition

There’s no question who will be hurt worse in a California car-truck collision. A truck of any size, that hits an automobile, can inflict tremendous injuries and often death. Chambers & Noronha of Orange County stands alongside victims of brutal truck accidents, pursuing rightful claims for injuries.Truck accidents are unlike other accidents in other ways. Because they are commercial vehicles, their owners are motivated to cut corners by hiring drivers at the lowest cost, training them minimally and pushing them to meet shipping deadlines even when drivers are too tired to drive.Trucks are improperly loaded or overloaded. Driver’s logs may be falsified or disappear altogether. Out-of-state owners can be hard to trace. And it can be unclear who to target in a suit: is it the owner of the cab or the owner of the trailer the cab was hauling? Our lawyers are prepared for all these situations.

Semi Accident Injuries | Delivery Vehicle Accidents | Truck Collision Fatalities

Our experience, along with comfort working within the courtroom, allows us to win maximum compensation from insurance company lawyers.

Our skills include:

  • Investigation: determining what happened
  • Reconstruction: illustrating the cause of an accident
  • Identification: determining who was at fault
  • Presentation: laying out the facts underlying a case
  • Negotiation: always with an eye toward maximum compensation

We assist you in regaining financial health at the same time you heal from your trucking accident injuries. In wrongful death cases, we work discreetly, helping you achieve closure on this most painful event.

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